EARL D. HARRIS JR.
                       5854 ST. JOSEPH AVENUE
                       STEVENSVILLE, MI. 49127
                       PHONE 269-429-1406

OBJECTIVE:     Seeking a position such as VP or Director of Engineering or equivalent with a progressive, action oriented company with opportunity to more fully utilize my total skills.     Desire challenge and realistic opportunity for career advancement based on previous performance.

EDUCATION:     B.S.E.E. University of Arkansas, 1967


6/85 to 2/88     Electro Voice; Buchanan, Michigan         
            Director of Engineering
During my time at Electro Voice, I played a large part in rebuilding the Electronics Design group and helping start the development of a large number of new products and the completion of many. Also introduced the use of CAD/CAE system.
My people were responsible for the generation of new technologies such as N/DYM Microphones, Manifold SpeakerTechnology and the development of new equipment that is making Electro Voice a leader in the Professional Sound World.

11/84 to 6/85     Ehrhorn Technological Operations; Cannon City, Colorado.
           Engineering Manager
During the time I was with Ehrhorn, I was responsible for organizing and administrating the Engineering and Quality Assurance groups, as well as aiding in the set up and support of the Manufacturing operation.
I aided in and directed the design of a Solid State Exciter and Power Amplifier for use in MRI systems that GE marketed and helped with hands on trouble shooting and redesign of RF equipment.
Ehrhorn is a small company that has experienced very rapid growth in the last few years thus creating the need for  professional approaches to its organization.

5/81 to 10/84     Heath Company; St. Joseph, Michigan
    2/84 to 10/84     Chief Engineer Technical Products
In February 1984, I was made Chief Engineer of both the  Instruments and Communications Departments. These departments though still independent of each   other make up the Technical Products Group.

    8/81 to 2/84     Chief Engineer Communications Responsible for developing two-way communications equipment and accessories. Took over a department that had developed only ten major products in six years and developed 14 new products by the end of 1983 and initiated the development of 14 more to be completed by the end of 1984.
     5/81 to 8/81     Sr. Design Engineer
Designed the ID-2295 Digital Humidity Meter. The ID-2295 was the first low cost humidity meter of this type on the market.

    1/76 to 5/81 Village Electronics Centre; Stevensville, Michigan  


Village Electronics Centre operated under the Tortoise Ltd. corporation  formed in 1974.  Village Electronics, sold and serviced Audio and Video products
and accessories,  and installed and maintained audio, video and antenna systems.

2/67 to 12/75     Heath Company; St. Joseph, Michigan
             Design Engineer Jr.
             Associate Design Engineer
             Design Engineer
             Sr. Design Engineer
Designed several top products for the kit market. Was responsible for the design of extremely high gain solid state amplifiers, solid state and integrated circuit power supplies, unique receiver designs, mechanical packaging, product styling and product definitions.

PERSONAL:     Marital Status: Married
Children:     Three sons
Date of Birth:     9/9/38
Health:      Good
Height:     6 ft.
Weight:     180 lbs.
Personable, highly capable and knowledgeable Engineering Manager who combines experience and top-level knowledge in Technical, Developmental, and Managerial areas. An excellent innovator with outstanding problem recognition and solution abilities. A good leader who can accept as well as delegate responsibility.

Earl's Pre-retirement resume