My office at Electro Voice in Buchanan, MI.

My work at ElecroVoice was a fitting end to my Enginering Career.  I was able to help establish some institutions and procedures that were needed and felt that the Electro Voice operation was better for my being there.   My feeling is that things were going quite well when I had a near fatal car accident on the 15th of July 1987.  I spent 42 days with no Short Term memory but recovered from that and was able to return to work in November of that year.

I realized that my abilities had been greatly impared.  Due to the High level head injury that I suffered in the accident, I found that I was having to work too hard to remain competative.  In February of 1988, my career ended.

After considering all the alternatives,  I felt that I could afford to drop out of the race and end my career. As it turns out, I was correct and have enjoyed being able to do the things that I never had the time to do when I was working.

I began work for ElectroVoice in June of 1985.   Luckily my house in Stevensville had not sold during the time I was in Colorado so I didn't even have to house hunt when I got back to Michigan. Buchanan, Michigan was only 35 miles from Stevensville, mainly across open countryside. So the trip to and from work. was a relaxing way to start and end the day.
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