In 1975 we had grown to the point of needing more space.  We moved about 1/2 block East on John Beers Rd. to the building that originally housed the local library.  This more than doubled our available space and was still on the major East/West road through Stevensville.

   I managed Village Electronics, from January 1976 until May of 1981.  At that point, I felt that I wanted to get back into the Engineering world of electronics instead of selling and repairing equipment.  The other partners had also developed other interests, so we Closed Village Electronics
In 1974 three of us decided to start a Small Radio and TV Sales and service shop in Stevensville, Michigan.

My best friend Thomas Adams who was an attorney, drew up the papers for a Corporation called TORTOISE LTD.  The name TORTOISE came from the name he had given the new 42' GRAND BANKS  that he had recently purchased.  TORTOISE  was to be the parent of a small Radio and TV Sales and service organization we started in Stevensville, Michigan, named  VILLAGE ELECTRONICS CENTRE.

Our original arrangement was for three of us, Thomas Adams, Tom Yeager and me, to invest  in the start up cost of the business.  We hired a salesman from a TV business in Benton Harbor and two repair technicians for the shop.  Tom Yeager and I managed the business and worked part time selling and repairing equipment for the first two years.
Our first store was on the corner of St. Joseph Ave. and John Beers Rd, the main intersection of the North/South and East/West roads that carry the major traffic through the Village of Stevensville.

The business was successful enough that I left Heath at the end of December, 1975 to manage Village Electronics Centre full time.