While at Ehrhorn, I was basically in charge of the Engineering group.  For some reason that I never questioned at the time, I had no real title.  I guess if I had been given one it would be along the  line of General Manager.

I was in control of the engineers, I spent time helping set up a quality control group. I helped establish ETO with the URL labs so that they could get certification for the power exciters they were selling to General Electric for the new NMR machines (which are now called MRI due to the fear that a name that referenced "radiation" would scare people.)  I guided them in acquiring proper parts to meet the URL requirements and set up test facilities to insure their compliance.  I aided the Manufacturing Manager in organizing and operating a proper production system, I created a Filing system and obtained the proper equipment to create a drafting department to document the work that was done.   AND that was just the easy part.

After about 7 months  of 12 hour days, I felt that the owner, wasn't going to let me make any decisions as to the operation of ETO without his express approval. I realized once again, that I needed to find a more challenging and rewarding place to work.  The pay was good, the surroundings pleasant, no lack of security, but something was missing. SOOOOO!   This time I sent out resumes and the one I chose to pursue was